The wind, the wind is blowing

In the last post I wrote about Autumnal changes taking place locally.  As well as the colours of the trees and other changes I wrote about the trees 03112009046being pollarded, well more I showed pictures of the trees being pollarded, in the centre of Strasbourg.  Here’s the same area, just the opposite side of Place Broglie, (pictures) as you can see from the tram stop here.  After the trees are pollarded they are having the Christmas lights put in them.  There is a tight schedule to do this as 03112009047there are markets in the square on Wednesday and Friday, so no work can be done then.  That is probably why they were working to complete the pollarding on Tuesday night and had closed the road through one side of the square when JTO and I were coming home from her speaking engagement earlier this week to 03112009049get the work done.  As well as the regular markets the square is home the the World famous Strasbourg Christmas Market,(pictures) so famous even Debrett’s have it on their list of places to go.  Another deadline to get the Christmas lights up and working.  But it is not only the site of the Christmas Market which is now getting its lights up.  03112009050Above and right are pictures of the shopping mall, Place Des Halles having their Christmas lights put up, I don’t think the bloke at the front was too happy about having his photo taken!  Anyway, enough of Christmas, markets and lights.

I found out today that Leonard Cohen is playing the Zenith in March, what a birthday present for me.  Tickets have been purchased.  Here, specially for you, is ‘the Partisan’, which I expect to be played on the night as it is his only song featuring French and reports of his concert in Colmar say it went down a storm there:

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