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Don’t die of ignorance


1st December and World AIDS day.  I don’t know how to attach a red ribbon to this site but I would if I could.  I have seen a slide-show of anti-AIDS posters, and that the wife of the French president and soon to be Woody Allan star has urged action on mother to child transmission.  But, perhaps the best news today is the announcement from South African President, Jacob Zuma, that all HIV positive children under the age of one will be treated.  I visited an orphanage in Mozambique with children born to mothers with HIV, or whose mother had died from AIDS, and know how important this announcement is in South Africa and southern Africa.  The title comes from a UK advert in the 1980’s.

There has been a lot of comment about the Swiss ‘Minaret’ vote on Sunday.  One Swiss friend posted  on Facebook yesterday her shame in the outcome of the vote.  People I was working with today said that as well as unpacking the vote on minarets and all the issues and matters involved in it, there is also the fact the vote was in Switzerland which is generally viewed as being insular.  Here’s Oliver Kamm on the matter.  At the same time France is apparently fretting about the possibility of a Muslim Miss France.  I have written here before about the work on the new Mosque which has progressed a pace since I last wrote about it and is due to have the cupola added any day now.  Yesterday I was working with a company based on an industrial estate in the South of Strasbourg, on the Plaine De Bouchers, opposite the existing Mosquee and community centre, shown above.  It is also opposite a large convent, which is very interfaith.  It was raining when I took the pictures providing evidence that the wonderful weather I wrote about in my last post has now finished.  It’s about time I updated the piece on the new Mosque, so watch out for it.

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