Happy New Year

I’d like to wish  everyone reading this blog all the best for 2010, a very happy New Year to you.

Looking back I realised that it was a month since I last posted.  Working to get a much done as possible before the Christmas holidays and then spending it in a converted barn in Cornwall where you had to go up the road to get a phone signal, let alone anything so hi-tech as wi-fi are the reasons for the silence. I have spent the time resting,relaxing and thinking about things.  One thing I thought about is this blog and there will be changes here in the coming month so watch out.

I was in Romeo’s Restaurant in downtown Paphos to see the New Year in.  Waking up to the sun and cloudless skies and then spending the morning by the pool mean this is a bit different from last year when the New Year was spent in Vienna dancing in our coats in temperatures well below zero.  We’ve now moved to Larnaka and I’m looking forward to exploring some more of Cyprus.

The album I’ve loved the most this last year I actually got towards the end of 2008 but I haven’t stopped playing it all year.  It’s Ida Maria ‘Fortress round my heart’ and here’s the video for ‘Oh my God’.  As the Disk Jockey chaps say, enjoy;

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