A tale of three photos

Yesterday I uploaded photos of my family Christmas and my New Year from my camera to Facebook via my netbook for the first time.  Today  I am uploading pictures from my phone here for the first time.  The picture on the left was taken at Reading Station on Monday 21st December.  It was the day the town allegedly ground to a halt stories of people taking hours to get anywhere, cars being abandoned etc. but all I can say is fortunately I got away to Bristol, despite my train being cancelled.  Bristol was the first stop in a tour of the South West of England which ended up with Christmas being spent in Cornwall.  After Christmas  and a night in a Hotel in Gatwick I left for Cyprus.  I saw the New Year in with  JTO in Paphos where the weather was sunny and  warm, the picture is of JTO in the hotel pool.  New Years Day was spent on the bus to Larnaka where we are now and which has a bit more of a breeze coming in from the sea and the hotel has no pool.  Today we hired a car and went to the occupied zone on the North of the island and ate at a great Turkish restaurant and visited a site of amazing ancient ruins. The last photo was taken at the border between the two halves of the island.

Whilst a lot of attention gets paid to other conflicts around the World very little is paid to that affecting an island in Europe.  I am pleased there will be talks between the leaders of the governments of the two parts of the island.

This tour is courtesy of JTO’s employers.  She works for a European institution in Strasbourg editing documents into correct English. It is therefore important her English is good and current and this trip is to help her charge up her English.  Getting some sun in the middle of Winter,visiting ancient ruins, spending Christmas with family and friends, finding out about one of the older conflicts troubling Europe and getting a nice rest are just a big added bonus.  I will be home in Strasbourg in a week and normal service about life there will resume then.

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