Ooooh baby, baby it’s a white World

Not just snow in Alsace today but fog as well as can be seen in these before and after pictures.

The first is of the Canal de la Marne au Rhin alongside the European Parliament.  The first picture, on the left showing a boat, probably soon to be a new houseboat (the moorings for houseboats is not much further along the canal) being towed along the canal on the balmy sunlit day of 17th December.  The next picture shows the same scene today.  It is not the glare from the sun that is restricting visibility any further than the Parliament building.  This part of northern Strasbourg, Robertsau (blog) has quite a lot of water and a lot of houses or maisonettes with gardens which means it tends to be colder than central Strasbourg where there is a higher density of buildings – so there was less fog this morning.  Both pictures above were taken on the way to my French lesson on Thursday mornings four weeks apart.

The second set of pictures were taken from the same spot, also on a Thursday morning, but these were six weeks apart.  This time it is on the way to work in Duppigheim looking towards the Vosges, which are just visible in the picture, also looking towards the village, Duttlenheim, which as the place where one of the most famous Alsatians grew up was the subject of a previous post.  The second picture was taken this morning and the village is not visible, let alone the Vosges.

The title for the post comes from a song by Cat Stevens song, Wild World and here he is with it:

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    […] the Alsacian speciality, the white Asparagus (more here).  Across the road from where I earlier pictured the snow in January and where therewas snow but now you can see the rows of asparagus out being […]

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