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Talk of France and it doesn’t take long before the subject comes round to food, and quite rightly as the food here is great.  Strasbourg does have its own specialities which, bearing in mind where it is, are not surprising that they are more Germanic, flamme kueche, sauerkraut, baeckeoffe, kougelhopf, choucroute and munster cheese to name a few.  There is also a guilty secret in that fast food does very well here.  MacDonald’s, known here as MacDo, pronounced like the Scottish version of what you might make bread from, is the company’s second most profitable market outside the US and provided the European part of the business with its first non-American head.  The first of their restaurants in France opened in the then new Place Des Halles Shopping Centre around 30 years ago, although not in the location it is today, above.  I had eaten Thai based fast food, basically noodles with a sauce on top before in Reading, although the place which sold it in the then Merchant’s Place now no longer exists, and it too is available quite freely here.  Something I hadn’t seen before but is also reputed to have started here is the idea of pasta with a sauce on top all in a plastic coated card square box.  Its filling and good as a fast food and certainly, from the number of the outlets here, seems popular.  I think people in the UK might just be about to learn something about food again from the French, this time about fast food.

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