It just goes to show how fast things change.  The day before yesterday I thought of writing something about PIGS, the reason will appear later, and I thought, as an introduction, I could link it to the advert which had been all around Strasbourg for the Australian Pink Floyd who are playing here.  When I went outside the adverts had been replaced and I hadn’t noticed.  This morning I noticed the adverts which replaced the ones for the Australian Pink Floyd, had been replaced.

The reason for starting any post about pigs with a reference to Pink Floyd is because of the image on the front of their eighth studio album, Animals, with a great big inflatable pig between the chimneys of Battersea Power Station. (There were also three tracks called Pigs on the LP, as we used to call them at the time.)

I also posted recently, to be self-referential again, about the wonderful pork products in Alsace, some of which are a speciality.

When I was planning to write this piece there were reports of concern about the stability of the Euro and threats to it from the state of the economies of four countries, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain – PIGS.  But then reports in the same place one day later say that Germany has stepped in, the fact the media is reported this is reported here also.  That piece also reports the strikes in Greece reported here.  Living in the Euro zone I hope it is not too trite to say that the resolution of this is of massive importance to us.  But from what I see reported of it here, it seems hardly to have been noticed here.  It is a shame most of the people I work with in a major bank here are on holiday skiing otherwise I would have asked them their views about it.  Did anyone notice what I did there – write a piece about banks and pigs without mentioning the Global economic crisis.

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