We will remember them

I have just read of the death of Alex Chilton (wiki) on 17th March.  Lead singer with the 1960’s group The Box Tops he had a wonderful voice,  It’s hard to believe he was only 16 when they had their No1 hit in the US and top 5 in the UK, ‘The Letter’:

What a wonderful cheery song and less than 2 minutes – perfect pop.  On the album its from, also called the Letter, its followed by Trains & Boats and Planes and I used to play it before setting out from South London to visit JTO when she was working in Riga in 2006 and I’d start out the journey in a very upbeat cheery mood.  He was then in Big Star in the 1970’s and had these two big hits, Thirteen:

and unfeasibly long, almost three minutes, ‘September Gurls’:

The second person who will be missed is Charlie Gillett (wiki, Times, Guardian) from his involvement in breaking groups in the 1970’s like Dire Straits, Elvis Costello and Graham Parker through to his championing of World music today.  I bought a couple of compilations he put together of World music and I would listen to the 2007 CD as I walked to work in Lambeth whilst JTO had moved with all our stuff to Strasbourg when I was living in a very small room over a pub but with a smile on my face from the sunshine and music from Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Belize, Mali and many more places.

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