Never go back…..

…is an empty saying often met with a chorus of approval and support.  Why not go back?  I visited Riga a number of times when JTO was working there in 2006 and as a result experienced the place in different situations, at different times and discovered more of it.  I have subsequently been back for a longer period in 2008 discovering more of the city and making several friends, as well as getting a qualification, and, finally, had a few days there in transit last summer and saw friends again but also did things I had not done before and saw things I had not seen before.  So, going back is good and pays.

At the end of May 1997 JTO and I had been working for 18 months without a holiday on her successful campaign.  Since Christmas it had been non-stop and we were both worn out so we took advantage of a kind offer from a friend and borrowed a flat they then had in St Malo for a few days.  It was a chance to get away, relax and do nothing.  I was not well as a result of the tiredness and we spent the time in the old town, walking on the beach, reading, eating and resting.  We didn’t do much in the area or see that much, but that was great.  It was what we wanted.  I am looking forward to going back to St Malo for a week on Saturday.

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