Strolling in Strasbourg

Beautiful Summer like evening after not much of a day and I get to my last job of the day to find its cancelled.  Even better, I get paid but don’t have to work.  I walk some of the way home and come to the park shown above with blossom on the trees where a fortnight ago there was snow on the ground.The park contains a memorial to the French Forces of the Interior, the resistance, in Strasbourg during the Second World War.  It was good to see some people nearby enjoying the weather, playing instruments etc:The park is in the shadow of the aerial for the radio and TV centre, France 3 Alsace, the third and more regional TV channel, you can see it behind the trees in the top picture.  The aerial joins the Cathedral as a structure visible all over Strasbourg.  Built in 1961 the glass wall at the front of the reception hall of the auditorium veils a scene shaped like a giant screen introducing a mosaic representing the creation of the world, based upon a sketch by Jean Lurcat.The structure at the front is from 1990 by Bernar Venet described by the wonderful guide book ‘Strolling in Strasbourg’, “A monumental structure produced in square section painted steel, this work of art measures an impressive 11m in length and 7m in height.  Mathematically indeterminate, it coils upon itself with powerful twists and curves.  According to Venet, the line should speak for itself and have an identity of its own”, independent of any affective dimension.”  So now you know.

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