Never go back II

This follows the first post titled never go back a couple of days ago highlighting that, contrary to the title of the post, it can be good to go back.  This is because I am looking forward to visiting St Malo next week despite having been there thirteen years ago.  That visit was to get away after a long period of hard work with very little rest.  To take time out and recover.  Little was done other than eat, sleep and read and wander around.  Similarly then I didn’t know what I know now about Vauban the engineer who played a role in the old city looking as it does.(I now know about his work from seeing it here in Strasbourg – the barrage/dam bearing his name defending the approach to Strasbourg by the river Ill on the South West of the city – and among many others as this visit discovered last year)  So I hope to learn more about the part he played in constructing the defences of St Malo.  I fancy getting on the ferry and crossing the river Rance to see Dinard (tourist office & wiki) and its three beaches in the centre of the town.  When last there I knew nothing about the tidal power station (wiki) but would like to find out more.  There is the prospect of going on into Normandy for a days visit to Mont-Saint-Michel (wiki), having visited St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall it would be interesting to compare and enjoy the countryside getting there.Then maybe a day could be spent cruising up the Rance to discover the original city walls, half-timbered houses and cobbled streets of Dinan (wiki) or perhaps visits to other places along the coast?  One thing’s for sure I’m going to enjoy some Breton chistre, crepes or just lots of seafood.  Telling colleagues about my visit has resulted in many telling me to expect some rain, but I doubt a little rain will spoil my visit to Brittany, or am I tempting fate?

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