the Brotherhood of Asparagus

The Confrerie de l’Asperge, a group of chefs, growers and others dedicated to picking and eating the Alsacian speciality, the white Asparagus (more here).  Across the road from where I earlier pictured the snow in January and where therewas snow but now you can see the rows of asparagus out being planted.  My first experience of white asparagus came when I visited Strasbourg for work, before living here.  On the Monday night we always went out for a meal.  For the April meeting we went out to the village of Hoerdt north of Strasbourg and our coach dropped us off at a large barn like place where there was a lovely glass of cremant waiting for us.  We were then seated and dishes full of the asparagus and local ham were put in front of us.  I was a bit tentative at first as I wasn’t eating pork or ham at the time, but it was too good not to eat it accompanied with a glass of the local white wine.  We went back and I always enjoyed the meal on the Monday of the April part session. The pictures above were taken yesterday, the field on the edge of Duppigheim.  It was a wonderfully clear day and this next picture is looking towards Duttlenheim and behind it the Vosges:Earlier in the day I had my French class and on the way back from it I took this picture of the European Parliament with trees in front of it in bloom:Later the same day I was working not too far away and saw the European Parliament under a cloud.  I would point out to anyone of a Eurosceptic inclination that it had passed by the time I left the building.Behind the buildings you can see the Schwarzwald. I had hoped to be going to le Racing my first local derby against Metz but just like the last two years events have conspired against me and the match has been moved to Monday so it can be televised and I will be in Brittany.

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