And another one’s gone

Sometime in the early 80’s my father returned from somewhere with a collection of singles which had been taken off an old jukebox.  I played all the singles to see what we had got.  I say what we had got although I appropriated them, I was the eldest child they belonged to me right, and they became mine.  What had I got?  The usual mixture of fantastic music – Dylan, Lay Lady Lay – and the less inspiring down to the downright unknown.  One of the latter was a track ‘The Pied Piper’ by someone called Crispian St Peters.  I was grabbed by the positive bright start and kept by this perfect example of less than three minute upbeat pop:

No apologies for the TV show’s decision to interpret the song literally, isn’t it just wonderful?  I subsequently found another song of his, which was good but not as good and discovered that he had once claimed he would be bigger than Elvis and was better at writing songs than Lennon and McCartney.  I found out today (here) that he died earlier last month. (Telegraph obit)

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One Response to “And another one’s gone”

  1. janestheone Says:

    one of my all-time faves, I still know the words, he was much fancied by girls I was at school with, and I thought (back then) that having the line “I’ll show you where it’s at” was the coolest thing anyone could do

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