Everyone’s gone to the moon

In the three years I’ve lived in Strasbourg two of them I have been working elsewhere in August.  The other I was not working in August so I didn’t spend much time travelling around Strasbourg.  So, this is the first year I have been present in Strasbourg for more than half the month and worked here.  I returned from six weeks work in the UK on Sunday and started working with the Eurocorps (history) on this Monday morning.  It has been really interesting work and might be something I come back to talk about in the future.

I knew that France essentially shut down for the holidays, that people were either a Julyist or an Augustist, going away for either the month of July or August.  The news at the beginning of July is about the traffic chaos of everyone going away, then you have the double chaos at the end of the July/beginning of August as you have the Julyists going home and the Augustists going away and then then more chaos at the end of August as they all go home.  The lack of people  as they’re on holiday, therefore the lack of work in France is why I have taken a contract in the UK the last three years.  However, the pay was so much better this year than last that I was able to return home after 6 weeks rather than the previous 8.  Even better, the arrival of new staff at Eurocorps meant I had work to come back to.

The picture above was taken at the centre of the Strasbourg tram network, the Homme de Fer Station just before 8 in the morning.  A tram is just coming in so usually the station would be chock full of people waiting to get on it.  At the same time there would be people from up to three different free sheets handing out their paper – there seem to be no free papers in August, do people who do not go on holiday not need news?  Clearly they don’t as I have continued to get my morning digest of news from one free paper.  Maybe the problem is the lack of students to give the paper out to people?  Oh well, “À la rentrée.”

The title of this post, like many of mine comes from a song title.  I had hoped to post the Nina Simone version but it was originally a hit for Jonathan King and his subsequent conviction for paedophilia doesn’t change that.  However, people from Strasbourg haven’t gone to the moon they’ve most likely gone to the South of France, Bordeaux or elsewhere in France:

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