Beware of the flowers, Cos I’m sure they’re gonna get you yeah

I posted previously on the blog I had before, which died as a result of the failure of the IT at the place that hosted it, hence I now have my blog hosted by a large international company who are going to have in place the means to ensure there are sufficient back-ups and money that the blog will not die as a result of actions by others than me, about the ubiquity of Geraniums in Alsace, though that site and what was told to me whilst on a walk in the Vosges suggests that actually the flowers I see all around me are in actual fact Pelargoniums.  Anyway they’re everywhere.  As this picture of the building opposite my home shows.  I like the way they match the fire hydrant.

The title for the post comes from the wonderful John Otway,(wiki) who I saw a number of times including at his ‘home’ venue the Nags Head in High Wycombe:

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