Down our street

Well, next door actually.  Earlier this year they started work on the building next door.  One day towards the end of June I returned home to find the pavement blocked by a concrete mixer feeding cement into a machine pumping concrete into the basement of the building next door.  There have been a number of builders vans parked on the pavement outside the building and their number has been so legion that they’ve often blocked our door and stretched on down the street.  As you can see from the picture this work is being carried out by our local council, Strasbourg Urban Council, to renew a block of 13 flats and you can also see there is a long list of local companies taking part in the work.  I did not know the building was or had become owned by the Council or that they were renovating them to provide homes.  I know from the glossy magazine we get regularly that they are working to provide homes for lots of Strasbourg people and there are regular articles on the work in hand and details of the number of completed homes and pictures.  So, maybe next time there will be a picture of the building next to mine in it and information about what they did to the building.

The balcony next door has traditionally been full of flowers with window boxes and flower and tomato plants on the floor and this year we’ve had this to look at.  So, I’m looking forward to new neighbours bringing back some life and colour.  I hope they don’t mind living next door to JTO‘s compost which only occasionally smells as the previous neighbours were not very happy with it.  It is wonderful for the plants and reduces our waste massively.

I wasn’t going to add a musical number for this piece but idly googling our street came up with this.  I doubt James Bond lives down our street, I expect I wouldn’t know if he did, and I doubt he will get one of the renovated flats either.  I don’t think much of the band but liked the backdrop and the spoken part at the end, anyone who knows me will understand why, and the use of uh-oh for o-o before the 7.  Have a good weekend:

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2 Responses to “Down our street”

  1. Gideon Mack Orangutan Says:

    James Bond lives in Three Mile Cross – everyone knows that?

    • theflashingblade Says:

      I’m afraid I didn’t know that. It explains why I haven’t seen him locally. It would also explain why I never saw him when I lived in Reading as those people from Three Mile Cross are a funny lot, keep themselves to themselves.

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