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I don’t know if I am a bringer of bad luck.  It can’t be true all the time.  I have hope that Manchester City seem to have a good season in front of them.  Lancashire don’t and will have to settle for mid-table obscurity again.  England were awful this Summer in South Africa.  So of my obsessions there is Le Racing.  Perhaps in the fact that the two seasons I’ve followed them they have gone from the 1st Division in France via the 2nd Division to start this season in the National, or 3rd division might be some kind of message that my support is not welcome, a bad omen.  But then there is always the fact the club are known as the OM of the East.  Another club who do not achieve what they could because of off the pitch shenanigans and instability.  So, back to the second this season?  Well not if what I saw yesterday is anything to go by.  I had been equivocal about going to the match then I got a text from a friend who was on their way and after fifteen minutes further equivocating I got on my bike and in fifteen minutes we met and I then got my ticket.  Well, the match was no great shakes.  Le Racing missed a number of chances including two wonderful crosses met by air-kicks.  The third consecutive draw against well placed opposition.  As the new manager says the players need time to get used to playing with each other.  That’s true.  There were only two players yesterday left from the team who went down earlier this year, and one was the reserve keeper who hardly ever played but is now the No. 1.  I’m hopeful that we’ll not follow the previous path of being high placed at the end of September followed by descent and then a relegation scrap in the Spring which is lost.

The picture shows the crowd with focus on the Ultra Boys, or Kop, corner.  They were in good voice and sang for most of the match.  I was sat next to a group of middle-aged Alsatian men who talked through most of the match in Alsatian – so, if people tell you it’s a dying language don’t believe them.  Perhaps there is hope to be had from the fact we’re unbeaten for the first three games – a foundation on which to build.

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