Crowds throng to shopping centre – sorry we’re closed

Yesterday, with JTO, I went to the local multiscreen and saw SALT.  A colleague of hers had said it was enjoyable tosh.  I think it was an over-exaggeration, it was tosh.  Walking to and from the cinema I was reminded that I had not seen the Summer display in the basin that was less than well reviewed by An Englishman in Strasbourg and would be getting its final display that night.

The picture above shows some of the facilities used in the 20 minute light show.  JTO had seen the show a few weeks before and had enjoyed it.  Then as now the nearby shopping centre, Rivetoile, was closed.  In his review An Englishman said that he believed the display had been moved from  central Strasbourg to here , “with the aim of getting punters familiar with the neighbourhood that includes the struggling Rivetoile shopping centre”

The shopping centre is on the left of the above picture although from the lack of people and activity you would be excused for thinking it was just a picture of some flats.  A picture does not always tell the whole story, and here’s another:

One of the restaurants open and being visited, but why at 16:00 on a Sunday afternoon was it only MacDo’s that was open?  Entertainment had been laid on and people were coming to them:

The cinema is the big green building in the back and MacDo’s is to my back when I took this.  The law has been changed in France to allow shops to open on Sunday so Rivetoile could make itself a ‘leisure and shopping destination’ on Sundays by opening up.  People would come from miles and the shops and restaurants would be packed.  I’m not holding my breath for it though.

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