My accumulated management wisdom

My management philosophy has three elements.  Time management, quality management and ethics.  The first came from JTO who met someone who had been running a time management course.  She asked what the secret was and he said that if he told her she wasn’t to tell people as he would lose his lucrative living running three or four day courses on the subject but that time management could be boiled down to three words, “Do it now.”  The second came from a senior officer at Reading Borough Council, we were joking about how at the time quality management was all the rage and she said that quality was get it right first time.  Finally, the last element also comes via JTO from Bob Dylan who sang in ‘You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go’ off ‘Blood on the Tracks’;

I’ve been shooting in the dark too long

When something not right it’s wrong.”

So, my accumulated management wisdom is:

  • Do it now,
  • Get it right first time,
  • When something’s not right it’s wrong.

And you get that for free and without having to attend a residential course to learn it.

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