How were we to know, living dead celebrations on our wedding anniversary

The arrival of the first card congratulating myself and JTO on the eleventh anniversary of our wedding on 11th September 1999 allows me to post something about the day.  When we chose the date in 1999 we, of course, had no idea what would happen in 2001.  It just fitted in with our work at the time for us to get married then and leave on honeymoon after.  We actively chose 11th September 2001 to be on a plane heading to Australia with the intention, that never materialised, to start the flight celebrating our second anniversary.  Plans are afoot for events this weekend to celebrate, however, it looks like we will not be able to take part in a couple of other events taking place in Strasbourg at the weekend.

Whilst walking back from work today I saw a poster advertising events and they jumped out at me because they featured the date 11th September rather prominently.  I managed to take the poster down, it had been stuck with sellotape at the corners rather than being glued on – a much more considerate standard of fly-posting than you usually get – and it is now stuck to the back of our door at home.

I expect we will miss the Zombie Walk as we currently have plans to be doing something else at the time.  I must admit that I was not aware that I missed the first Zombie Walk last year.

Later the same evening there is a Zombies Ball that I think we will also miss.

Both these events are being organised as part of the third Strasbourg European Festival of Horror Films that takes place between 14th and 19th September.  As well as the two things above there is a book signing at 16:00 on Saturday at FNAC by what in English would be called two horror comic book artists which doesn’t capture the importance attached to this art form here, Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead) and Phil Winslade (Goddess).  There will then be a season of horror films at the three town centre cinemas between 14th and 19th September.

I did just ask myself a question about whether anyone had questioned the wisdom of having events celebrating the living dead was appropriate on the same day as people in the US remember thousands of people been killed.

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