Weekend World part 2 – Bristol

It was just getting dark as we arrived at Bristol Airport and got onto the bus that took us the twenty minute/half hour ride into the centre of the city.  We booked into our hotel then walked through a park next to a roofless church, over the river and a left turn took us to a curry house.  It was not anything special but we had a proper British curry, a chat and a beer and nearby where there were a group of people who work together obviously out for the night in the city, drinking and talking nonsense.  On our return we had both an i-Mac, with a large number of television channels on it, and free wifi in our hotel room so we entertained ourselves before going to sleep.

The next day after a great breakfast in the hotel we walked for a bit before stopping for a coffee and a read of the paper in the Retreat Cafe.  Then we went into the city for some shopping.  There was a festival of the bike taking place  with people in fancy dress riding bikes and performers of various quality at various stages round the city.  It was busy and seemed quite thriving.  The picture on the left shows two cyclists off their bikes and dancing to one of the performers whose power is supplied by the dynamos attached to the other bikes.  They are waving lances having clearly been jousting on bike.  After a walk up Christmas Steps we had a great lunch of Wild Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Penne at the Colston Yard, somewhere I had last been when it was a micro breweries as part of the Smiles chain.  I stayed reading the newspaper whilst JTO had a haircut before returning to the hotel where we had a meal in their restaurant.

The next morning we took it easy, JTO trying out a local church, before. on a recommendation of a native we are friendly with, going to the riverstation for brunch where I had a very nice scrambled eggs and salmon on toast.  It doesn’t look great shakes in the picture but this former station for the river police had great views over the docks.  After a leisurely time were headed back to the railway station to catch the bus back to the airport and return to France.

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One Response to “Weekend World part 2 – Bristol”

  1. Mr London Street Says:

    We were in Bristol the same weekend and covered much of the same territory. I love the Christmas Steps. I haven’t tried Colston Yard but now wish I had, and I tried to get into Riverstation on Saturday night but it was fully booked so I instead enjoyed the delights of Bordeaux Quay (if you go back to Bristol, try it!)

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