Men don your frilly lacy pants for manhood.

As someone whose work involves the English language, in a number of forms, making explicit the fact there are a number of different forms of English and that the difference amounts to more than just vocabulary is quite important.  For example I spent the afternoon and evening of Patti Smith events with an American friend and it struck me how much of British English is formed in the negative sense, even giving approval or permission – not half, I don’t mind etc, which doesn’t happen in American English, certainly not the mid-west version of my friend.

You do see quite a lot of adverts featuring English, more than I expected.  The advert has to have the French equivalent displayed on it, though on this one it seems to be in very little letters up the side – they’re too small for me to read to make sure.  This is part of a campaign launched by Dockers and will fall foul of the teaching of British English.  A ‘Call to Manhood and asks “Wear the  Pants”‘, or as the poster puts it, ‘Calling all men, its time to wear the pants’

American British English

Pants                       Trousers

Knickers                  Pants

So the call would be met by the answer, which ones?  The Frilly lacy ones, the thong, the big pants or the white y-fronts?

I also saw this poster of ‘A spectacle from the heart of Ireland’and I must say the Irish friends I have don’t tend to dress like that or break out in dances like that.  One friend I worked with this Summer didn’t do any of this at all.  What are we being sold?

Whilst out in the city I saw the van photographed from a local ‘Fromager’, M Tourrette.  I know the syndrome (wiki) is not spelt like this but with one ‘r’, however, an online medical dictionary spells it differently.(Check the URL rather than on the page – whoever did the coding was the person with the spelling problem.)  It did make me wonder what a cheese with tourettes would be like and that even for France, where as De Gaulle famously said with more cheeses than days of the year, a cheese with tourettes would be a novel concept.

Finally, a friend has introduced me to a dubbed version of the wonderful Flashing Blade that gave this blog its name.  Here’s one in funny supposed Lancashire accents:

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