Coincidence or what – you decide

When I was recently i"MC5", Sonically Speaking: A Tale of Revolution and Rock 'n' Rolln the UK, in Bristol to be more precise, I went into a couple of book and record shops and the foreseeable danger happened, I came out of them with more than I had intended to buy when I went in.  That’s why online shopping is so much better as, despite the best efforts of Mr Amazon with his ‘others who bought this also bought’, there is not the same danger of buying things on impulse as there is in a physical shop.

One of the books I bought was 77 Sulphate Strip reviewed by me here, and the second one I’ve read that I bought on that trip was ‘sonically speaking mc5 a tale of revolution and rock’n’roll‘.  I got interested in the band after they were referenced by a number of the bands involved in early punk rock as an influence.  I like going back and finding out about the people who influenced the people I like and I came to like MC5.  The book’s interesting to read about what was happening in Detroit in the late 60’s about the band and then read about what happened to the people in the band after the band.  I wasn’t going to review it here or write about it.

The book does talk about the relationship between guitarist in MC5,(and here) Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith,  and Patti Smith (Who didn’t have to worry about hanging her name after they got together) and then at the same time as I’m reading about her in the book Patti Smith turns up in Strasbourg this week, which I wrote about here.

Then on Friday I decide to listen to the Word magazine podcast and this week David Hepworth talks to the founder of the Elektra record label (wiki), Jac Holzman, about the founding of the label, its early incarnation as a mainly folk label, the change to have more rock acts, about finding Love and the doors, and about signing MC5 and their “mascot” band the Stooges.  His story of the signing of the two bands tallies perfectly with that in the book.

So after no MC5 activity at all I chance upon a book on a visit to the UK, buy it and the week I read it two other events connected to the band happen as well.  Spooky.  Anyway here are the band with the title track from their first album, ‘Kick out the Jams, motherfuckers’:

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3 Responses to “Coincidence or what – you decide”

  1. Brought to book « The Flashing Blade Says:

    […] Amazon arrives at the door with my new delivery is a time of excitment and expectation for me.  I wrote about my recent visit to Bristol and how a visit to a book shop for a particular book resulted in […]

  2. Detroit Tango Says:

    The Sonically Speaking tome is rather shallow and superficial, the author clearly too star-struck to comprehend the beast that was the MC5. The fact that he allowed the newly arrived and completely clueless wives of the surviving band members proof the book speaks volumes about the depth of it’s content.

    I know that Ben Edmonds was physically present in that era and that he interviewed Rob Tyner for hours and hours, over a good period of time, prior to Rob’s passing so whenever gets back in his writing groove, that will be the definitive MC5 book and well worth reading.

  3. Buffy Says:

    This info is the cat’s pamajas!

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