Au Camionneur

Is a restaurant/bar near the station I have now been to a couple of times in the last month as I will be taking part in a play there at the end of January.  Last night after the rehersal we all piled down for the Karoaké, but Karaoké with a difference (And not just the accent over the last e) as there is not a karaoké machine but a live band, the Meteors, named after the local beer.

We sat on a raised area looking across the restaurant at the stage and it wasn’t long before the waiter bought our first beer.  For me it was my loss of Picon virginity as for the first time after three and a half years here, as a result of a misunderstanding, I was served a Picon beer and drank it.  It’s OK and I’ll probably have it again although I wonder if it is more of a Summer thing.

There is a wide range of food from a tapas of four items like calamari, falafel etc through the ubiquitous tarte flambée to a full menu like steak frites.  I had a very nice tarte flambée and we settled down to chat with my colleagues and listen to the singing.

The first thing I’ll say is that I was impressed by the quality of the singing which is much better than I expected – vindicating a decision not to take part on my part which would have brought down the standard.  If there was one criticism it would be that there seem to be a number of regulars who get chosen first.  One of our group put their name down when we arrived to be told after the first set there were still 18 people before them.  Here’s the band at work:


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