French protest – doing it in the road

I am indebted to the wonderful Marbury blog for the picture of the two people protesting in front of the Police.  He says it is from a French protest.  I must say I think it is much more prefereable as a form of protest to hurling a fire extinguisher off the top of building with the chance of killing police officers.  The reason I reproduce the picture from Marbury relates to the caption he has on the photo;

“This must be what you get when you cross student riots with The Sartorialist. The scarf is a nice detail.”

I commented on the piece saying that scarfs are compulsory for young French people, in fact most French people.  You rarely see someone out without a scarf and it is something expats seem to have embraced too.  The mild weather of late means that my scarf has yet to come out of the closet yet, as the pictures here show, they have been worn here for some time.  I took these pictures at the visit of Patti Smith to Strasbourg which was on 19th October.

What has struck me from the time I saw my first scarf, which for the completists amongst you was before 19th October, but was convinced by the first one I have shown here is how big scarves are being worn this year.  Not only do you have to wear a scarf but there has to be a lot of it.

A friend who was with me at the Patti Smith event suggested that I start a Sartorialist type blog to highlight the French scarf relationship but I don’t really have the time to be doing another blog as well.

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