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Anyone know who Malcolm Harbour is?  No?  Well before today me neither.  I now know he is the Chairman of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee of the European Parliament.*  Today he did a live Q & A on the Facebook page of the European Parliament.  You can see a screenshot of the page on the left.

I took the opportunity to ask him a question about book sellers refusing to sell me a digital eBook when they will send me a physical book.  (See here,here, here and here)  You can see the question below.

He was quite quick to reply to me and his answer can be seen below.

It is pleasing to read that the committee is keen to make progress on these issues and that they will be producing proposals to try and deal with some of the problems inhibiting a true single market.  The European Parliament will be in town next week and I have a lighter week and I hoped to see my MEP whilst they were here.(One of the developments I talked of cryptically at the end of the last piece)  I will now write to Mr Harbour, copying the previous posts from here to him and see if I can get a meeting whilst he is in town.  I will post here details of what happens.

*I now also know he is the Conservative MEP for the West Midlands in the UK.

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