You can’t always get what you want

Anyone reading here regularly will know, if not be a bit sick, about WH Smith and Waterstones stopping me from buying eBooks. (For the uninitiated who have a life-time to waste start here then here, here, here and here.)

Basically.  I love reading books and buy them.  I also have a eBookReader which allows me not to lose my shoulder from carying a bag full of books when I go on visits or to work abroad.  I used to buy eBooks from the above mentioned shops but in September they wrote to me telling me that for legal reasons I could no longer buy eBooks from them. (I am always suspicious of people who justify things they do by saying it is for legal reasons, I think they usually say that when there isn’t really any other reason.)

Anyway todays pictures are of a package that arrived for me today in the post.  No prizes to the eagle-eyed ones amongst you who identify that it is a book.  Yes, well done.  I’m afraid no prizes for the even more eagle-eyed ones amongst you who notice its from Waterstones.  Yes. I can buy a physical book and pay for it to be packaged and delivered to me here in France but I cannot buy an eBook sent by nasty electrons through wires.  Bunch of useless Canutes. (wiki)

The title of this post comes from a Rolling Stone song.  The most eagle-eyed of the lot of you will have noticed the book I bought is the autobiography of Keef.  Enjoy.

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3 Responses to “You can’t always get what you want”

  1. Europe’s on the case. « The Flashing Blade Says:

    […] of eBooks refusing to sell me an eBook whilst the same retailer will sell me a physical book.(start here then here, here, here, here and […]

  2. Kieron Says:

    Hi, read about some of your issues with UK booksellers with interest and wondered if you’d tried We’re the largest dedicated online bookseller in the UK and ship free to over 100 countries around the world (France included of course), we do sell ebooks too, which are limited by IP rights, so for France most should be okay. We haven’t signed any agency agreements however so some (Hachette etc) titles are currently unavailable. All the best Kieron

  3. You can get sometimes what you want « The Flashing Blade Says:

    […] on this matter) yesterday I had a comment from Kieron from on a previous post: Hi, read about some of your issues with UK booksellers with interest and wondered if you’d tried […]

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