Bah humbug.

As snow blankets much of western Europe here’s a picture from the boulevard at the end of our street, Boulevard de Lyon, on Monday morning when I went to the patisserie for my breakfast.  You can’t really see it in the picture but the dome of the new Mosque is covered in snow, follow the line of the street lights strung from the buildings.  There was more snow on my way home from work this evening but as I was out in the wilds of Bischeim it was not welcome.  Not the snow, the turning on of the Strasbourg Xmas lights, the lighting of the Grand Sapin de Noël, the openning of the Christkindl Market (Christkindelsmärik) have had any effect upon me in the Christmassy direction, despite living in the Capitale de Noël.

So, to try to change that I’m going to post one top Christmas single a day ending with the all time best in a weeks time.  Lets see if a week of fabulous poptastic Christmas singles can get the Xmas juices going.  The first is ‘Frosty the Snowman’ from the wonderful Ronettes led by the wonderful Ronnie Spector who is in the UK between 6th and 11th December.  Catch her if you can.



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