I wish it could be Christmas every day….

So FIFSee full size imageA decided to send the next two World cups, after the first one in South America, to Russia and the Middle East, neither of which have held the competition before.  Seems to fit in with their business plan to me, standard way to grow football plc, inc, gmbh, or whatever you want to call it is to send the most important tournament to get massive coverage in areas where you do not do so well, together with the saturation coverage in the places where you already have good business.  Ah being wise after the event, so easy.  Sorry for the English bid and the ‘three lions of Cameron, William Windsor And David Beckham but Maggie Thatcher your boys have lost again.

Day two of the try to feel more Christmasy, Christmas single extravaganza, brings Roy Wood‘s (wiki) Wizzard(Facebook).  A much underated fellow in my opinion who wrote some sublime pop songs with the Move and then had the taste to not be too involved in ELO before forming Wizzard, or effectively, being Wizzard.  What I loved abou them at the time was their didn’t give a shit attitude and having two drummers, which I thought was cool at the time.  Anyway, here’s their entry to the top seven:

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