L’esprit de l’escalier

‘The spirit of the staircase’ is the wonderful term for when you think of a repost to something said to you after the event.  It looks like it was more than the spirit of the staircase that stopped this tram earlier this week.  Can you just imagine someone coming to work and apologising for being late because the tram hit a staircase.  No, I can’t really but they would have been telling the truth.

Santa Claus is coming to town

was sung by The Crystals on the wonderful Phil Spector Christmas album.  Here instead its sung by Bruce Springsteen.  We have a satelite to pick up the Canal+ service but it only works intermitently but when the new film about the making of what I think is the best Bruce Springsteen album, Darkness at the edge of Town, was on it was one of the times it was working.  The film is very good and well worth watching if you get a chance.

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