You can sometimes get what you want

Teh majik of teh internetz woirkz wondrz.  Further to my complaints about bookshops refusing to sell me eBooks whilst selling me a physical bookThe Book Depository, (here and follow the link for posts passim on this matter) yesterday I had a comment from Kieron from on a previous post:

Hi, read about some of your issues with UK booksellers with interest and wondered if you’d tried We’re the largest dedicated online bookseller in the UK and ship free to over 100 countries around the world (France included of course), we do sell ebooks too, which are limited by IP rights, so for France most should be okay. We haven’t signed any agency agreements however so some (Hachette etc) titles are currently unavailable. All the best Kieron

I hadn’t been aware of the website before but I am now.  As well as having eBooks for sale they also have a lot of eBooks you can try for free and then buy them if you like them.  An interesting idea with eBooks and an approach which matches mine in that if I like an eBook and expect to want to read it again I buy a copy of it, usually in hardback if possible.

I am having a few days in the sun for the New Year and will require reading material for the trip so the Book Depository you’ll have yourself a customer.

Santa Claus is coming to town

My last post was of the Bruce Springsteen version of this song.  Subsequently I’ve re-established contact with an old friend from school who has suggested this to me:

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