In the beginning was

The Word.  A magazine I had bought occasionally when I lived in the UK because I liked its writing about music but also about books, films, TV and other matters that interest me.  I particularly enjoyed its free CD of music from which I discovered many new artists I would otherwise not have heard and whom I grew to love.  When I emigrated JTO bought me a years subscription to the magazine and as the advert says I loved it so much I bought the magazine.  Well, not quite.  I bought a two-year subscription to it myself and now I follow the podcast, contribute to the website etc.

Perhaps the musician the magazine introduced me to, whose music I came to love the most is Ida Maria.(wiki & Facebook)  I have not stopped playing the album ‘Fortress around my heart‘(wiki) since I got it at the end of 2008 in fact I was in the first flush of infatuation when some relatives visited in early 2009 and they were able to listen to it as I drove them around Alsace and up into the Vosges for their visit!  Here is the video for the song that was Number one in the top ten songs of 2009 in Norway, ‘Oh my God!’:

Christmas in Hollis

As well as promoting something I like very much, the above was a lead into todays Christmas song.  Ida Maria posted on Facebook a Spotify playlist of Christmas songs.  There were a number on it I had not heard before and here is one of them:

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