Strasbourg Capitale de Noël

On my way back from a job out in the wilds at the north of Strasbourg on Wednesday I had my camera with me and took the following pictures of Strasbourg at Christmas.  The first picture is of the Christkindelsmärik in place Broglie where there has ben a Christmas Market since 1570:Walking towards the main square you come to these trees all lit up in place des Etudiants:

At the end of it you can just see this pâtisserie in the photo above, here it is:

Next to the pâtisserie is the Rue de l’Outre which looks like this:

Another way of approaching the Christkindelsmärik is along Rue de la Messange where the buildings above the shops are all lit up as well:

And looking from the same street into the place Kleber you can see the Grand Sapin de Noël alsacienne through the decorations.  There was controversy last year that the Socialist Mayor of Strasbourg had ordered some red decorations to be put up as well as the blue and green!

Here is the tree with its Angels and little village at its foot:

And across the square is Galeries Lafayette with its decorations and you can just see the Art Noveau cinema Vox to the left of the shop:

The other major department store in central Strasbourg is Printemps and their Christmas decoration is a little diferent.  This is the last time you will see the store looking like this as it is getting major reconstruction work next year:

Merry Christmas Everybody

The week before Christmas and still no joy in the Christmassy stakes so time to try another track.  When I started this it was only going to be for one week and it would be the seven best Christmas records ever as far as I’m concerned.  So I’ll go back to that and here is one no-one can argue with, whisper it Noddy:

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