Vince’s nucelar option

I see UK Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has been caught out saying one thing to a couple of journalists who visited his surgery posing as Lib Dem activists that is different to what he says in public about the coalition.  Two -faced Libdemologists saying different things to different people according to what the audience want to hear, what is the World coming to?  Like most of the Wikileaks revelations the answer is so what.  Vince has been incredibly stupid.  People in the public eye should know that anything you say or write can be made public so either say what you think and believe all the time or don’t write down or say to others what you might find embarrassing if told to media or other people.  It’s that simple.  Former MP, Jim Knight, took to twitter to say that it risked undermining confidentiality between an MP and constituent.  Rubbish, its something that has two parties to it, the MP and the constituent and the constituent can always go public on what happened.  Anyway, here’s film of Vince getting his nuclear option working and riding it off into the future….

Feliz Navidad

The Christmas feeling has not moved inside me.  The series of videos I’ve published here has not succeeded in trying to help me get into the mood.  Bah humbug.  Anyway here is todays video, German popsters Boney M and Feliz Navidad:

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