Vigilance orange

Today has been for the snow and risk of ice(verglas) across all the Bas-Rhin but before the snow started falling the threat for the last few days had been from flooding.  The level of the river through the city and the many canals around it are, of course, used as part of managing the level of the Rhine.  It surprised me going past Bassin Dusuzeau earlier this week on the tram at how high it was.  The Bassin leads straight into the Rhine.  Then yesterday it was back down to its normal level whilst the river Ill was really high.  As the picture of the local paper, the DNA, headline outside my local shop illustrates.(The Ill rises, the number of Batorama falls)  Here’s the story from a screenshot of their website. (Nasty times for Batorama – which, because of the high water level,  has only been able to travel around Strasbourg for eight and a half hours since the beginning of December and it is probable  it will not do so again this year.)  Batorama provides a tour of Strasbourg on the rivers and canals.

This week has been a delivery success with three out of four items we were waiting upon being delivered in a timely fashion.  It started yesterday when the receipt for my Bageo arrived so I was able to take it with me to one of my workplaces so I can claim reimbursement for it.  This morning the December issue of The Word arrived so I will have to with me to read whilst travelling to Cyprus next week and then when I went out earlier to collect my new reading glasses they were available.  The only thing which were not delivered was a present from the nice Mr Metz (which will not be missed as we have supplies in and it will provide us with something to look forward to on our return from Cyprus) but La Post tried to deliver something yesterday and by the time we went round to our local Post Office this afternoon it had closed for Christmas, so it looks like we’ll have to wait until Monday to collect that package.

The pictures on this page come from when I went out earlier to collect my new reading glasses.  The first shows the weir by the Pont de l’Abattoir where there are usually one or two of the sluices open but today there were four.  Last night the water was also coming over the top of the lock gate, the last outlet on the extreme left before the path.  The path is usually all visible but the water is up so much that a large part of the path is submerged, right round the Grand île.  The second shows a novel and season space-saving device at DIY shop Mr Bricolage.  The third picture shows the view from on Pont Kuss looking up Rue du Maire Kuss towards the station.  The fourth picture shows the view standing on the Pont Kuss looking up the river towards Eglise Catholique St Jean and the Place Des Halles. The last picture is looking from the Faubourg National tram stop across the Pont National at the snow bedecked roof of the Eglise St. Pierre Le Vieux with the buildings in front of it that also front onto the river.  If you imagine the Christmas decorations in the street alongside the church are similar to the one just visible next to it, above the tram.  It shows they are of a slightly different quality to the ones on Faubourg National.  I took the picture standing on the tram rails and the driver of the tram coming towards me, on the left, lent on his bell to get me out-of-the-way.

Christmas (Baby Please come home)

The next to the last video in my musical attempt to get me feeling more Christmassy.  As you will see from the picture we now have our tree up with a “rather camp” decoration around it done, and described, by JTO.  In the top right hand corner of the picture is the star from Sweden given to us by my brother.  Buying a new bulb for this is what took me to Mr Bricolage earlier – not one of my usual hang-outs but a place I’ve met more people I know than almost anywhere else in Strasbourg!  It does feel a smidgen more Christmassy but not lots.  To try to help here is what I think is probably the second best Christmas record ever from the Worlds best Christmas album ever, ‘A Christmas Gift for You’, the Phil Spector Christmas Album.  It has been something of a tradition for Darlene Love to sing the song on the David Letterman show and here’s the version from this year.  What will be the Worlds best Christmas song ever?  Tune in tomorrow pop-pickers to find out.


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    Thanks for finally writing about >Vigilance orange | The Flashing Blade <Loved it!

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