The OCD bin mystery

Thursday is bin day in our block.  They usually come early in the morning so I know nothing about them: I sleep so heavily that once under nothing wakes me, not storms, Serbian border guards* or even the mythical nuclear bomb heralding the end of the World.  So I was not surprised that yesterday morning I awoke to discover that the bins had once again been emptied but I hadn’t heard it.  I was surprised at the sight that faced me upon looking out into our courtyard; and I don’t mean that someone living opposite is so thoughtless to feed the verminous pigeons that seem forever trapped in our courtyard.  No, the bins.  They were jumbled and facing any which way.  If bins occurred naturally in the universe this is how they might be.  This was deeply shocking and I left for work feeling uneasy about what I faced in the day ahead.

Well the day was rather good with the sun breaking out in the afternoon to bring some warmth and to raise the spirits, even for the journey to fucking Bischeim where every time I have gone there I have experienced the worst weather of the week, before yesterday that is when it was the opposite.  Was the breakdown of order amongst the bins having its effect upon the World?  Could the old certainties no longer be relied upon?  Would Bischeim get to lose its appendage?

Well certainly one certainty could be relied upon.  On my return home the bins were all smartly in a line facing forward.  Ah, order restored to the World.  I do wonder who takes the time and effort to line up the bins in such a way.  Is it the resident who every Tuesday cleans the public part of the flats?  Is it included as part of his job description?  Or is it a resident with ocd who cannot bear to look out on the courtyard and see the bins in the way nature might have intended them?  Reader, I don’t know  but if I ever do crack this mystery you can be sure that I’ll tell you.

In homage to the approaching St Valentime’s day I publish a Strasbourg romance picture here.  Todays is of the sun setting behind the Hoenheim Garre public transport interchange.

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2 Responses to “The OCD bin mystery”

  1. Jonny Says:

    This is reasonable behaviour. Every Monday morning I sort out the wheelie bins from the four houses clustered at the end of our street and return the right ones to the right addresses after the bin men have been. A healthy interest in municipal waste management.

  2. The mystery of who pulled the plug « The Flashing Blade Says:

    […] The Flashing Blade The swashbuckling adventures of the daring chevalier « The OCD bin mystery […]

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