The Queen’s website and shame on First Post

I was talking to someone about the film ‘The King’s Speech‘ today and became unsure about who was the monarch before Edward VIII and, as a result, whether his brother and successor was George V or George VI.  I googled the royal family and came up with their website.  From there I was able to find a page where I could download a family tree and establish that the father of Edward VIII was George V and the subject of the film, and father of the current British monarch, was George VI.

OK, so what?  I thought it interesting that down the side there was a section headed ‘History of Current Reign’ and the three people pictured and named to highlight the history of the current reign are all dead.  What does that say about the author of the website’s view of the current reign?

Then I read about the horrific attack on CBS journalist Lara Logan on the First Post website and was quite shocked with the picture they chose to go with a story about a journalist being attacked whilst going about their work. I bet that is not the outfit that Ms Logan was wearing on the streets of Cairo when she was attacked.  What were they trying to say about a sexual attack upon a woman by accompanying it with a photo of someone clearly dressed up for a special occasion?  The picture accompanying the story on the CBS news site taken just before she was attacked shows she was not dressed like this, so why have this website chosen this picture?  What are they saying about the attack?  It’s not like there were no other pictures available because the Daily Beast has the picture below.  Shame on you First Post.


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