What’s the UN for?

In the 1990’s there were the attocities in Rwanda and Bosnia.  The World stood by and did nothing.  In the UK at the time the then Tory government washed its hands and sat on them at the time.  Hurd, Major and Rifkind it was your fault, you stood idly by and let it happen.  Contrast the difference with Tony Blair in Sierra Leonne and Kosovo.  Now we have another government firing on and bombing its own people.  The UN delegation from that country have accused it of genocide and two pilots have defected rather than fire upon and bomb their own people.  And what has the UN done?  Reports say that the Secretary General has phoned the madman in charge telling him to stop.  And has he?

In 2005 at a World summit every country signed up to the UN signed a charter not to attack their own people.  Today we see the worth of such paper.  The UN needs to be able to enforce such a charter, with force when necessary.  Otherwise its just a chocolate teapot.

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