Le Pen in Alsace, to be more exact Neudorf in southern Strasbourg

I don’t intend to blog a lot about Marine Le Pen and the Front National (FN) during the coming year to the French Presidential elections apart from to highlight and tackle her views so two consecutive posts is already over the top.  This morning there was the news of another poll which has her again in front of the president and the secretary-general of the Parti Socialiste (PS), though again, and again one of the lesser reported items, was that she would not would be beaten if current head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, were the PS candidate, unlike the previous poll I wrote about.

This was followed by a tweet from the local media saying that Mme Le Pen would be in Neudorf, southern Strasbourg this morning in support of the FN candidates for the forthcoming Élections cantonales (local elections) on 20th and 27th March.  A later story said that the half-hour visit to the Marché du Neudorf had been fitted in to a trip the FN leader was making to the European Parliament.

The visit is reported by the DNA here which has a video.  She is reported directly from the visit here by L’Alsace saying “If there is a good time to help the system it’s now.”  She went on to say that she needed to step back and calmly consider the results of the recent polls and to continue to work to publicise her ideas among the French people.  She continued that the people of France have 14 month for their democratic revolution which she compared to those in Tunisia and Egypt.

Speaking in Lille the general secretary of the PS blamed the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, for the rise of the FN.  In particular she highlighted the racist way he behaved about the Roma last summer and starting a debate on what it means to be French having fed into the rise of the FN.  She said « Qui aujourd’hui, fait que des hommes et des femmes se sentent humiliés, abandonnés, oubliés, si ce n’est la politique de Nicolas Sarkozy ? », (something like, “Who is today responsible, if men and women feel humiliated, abandoned, forgotten, if not the policies of Nicolas Sarkozy?”)

StrasTV also filmed the visit and added some music:

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