Pancake Day but not as we know it Jim

Yesterday being Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day it was necessary to eat pancakes so we went to a nearby crêperie called La Crêpe Gourmande (pictured in the heart of the old city, reviews) but it wasn’t pancakes like we previously had in the UK which were on the menu.  Rather than pancakes with a bit of sugar and lemon, or if you’re really extravagant syrup or jam, these were stuffed with food as a main course.  First I had to have cidre brut which came in a jug and was drunk out of a large cup as I had done in Normandy when there last Easter.(You can see the cup mentions the Rance which is the river on whose estuary St Malo sits.) The crêperie is not very large inside with tables close to each other: health and safety would have been very unhappy to see one table placed in front of the emergency exit but it didn’t feel too much like my space was being encroached upon.  There were also plenty of English voices to be heard; people also out to get their Shrove Tuesday fix.For the first course I had galette paysanne which was a buckwheat pancake stuffed with onion and ham with an egg on the top.  This was really a local version of the galette as onion and ham are the toppings of the local speciality of tarte flambeFor dessert I had a crêpe salidou which was a more white pancake like crêpe compared to the galette made with buckwheat (pictured) which was a dark brown and had the look of a rougher texture although that wasn’t the taste.  The crêpe salidou contained saltwater caramel sauce which is a speciality of Brittany an is delicious in a pancake and is a delicious flavour for ice-cream.

This week is not one for homebodies as it started with the return of fencing on Monday night and after the crêperie last night I am celebrating my birthday at fabulous looking Le Buerehiesel tonight in the middle of the parc de l’Orangerie which  puts it close to the bowling alley where I will be joining friends after eating.  Thursday is the sole night in before eating out at the house of friends on Friday when appropriately for lent it will be fish on the menu. Saturday sees me join colleagues from the play I was in at the end o January to celebrate a fellow cast members birthday.

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