The Killing Moon

As any fule kno is the title of a wonderful song by Echo and the Bunnymen, wonder what video this post will end up with?  Anyway last night I was out in Strasbourg with two friends who were visiting for the night between visits to Bruges and Milan.  I showed them the sights of the city and had time for some tarte flambe and the occasional beer whilst doing so.  I also took the odd photo whilst out, particularly of what was supposed to be the big moon.  I haven’t done a photo blog since the Christmas market was on but here goes anyway:

The first is a view of the Petite France area from the Ponts Couvert and I love the way the Ill is so still and the pretty houses are reflected in it.  The Petite France area got its name from when the pox, or to give it its proper name Syphilis, clinic moved to the area and the Alsatians refered to the disease as the French disease making the area little France.

As with any visit to Strasbourg we spent some time in front of and inside the Cathedral (wiki).  The picture shows the inside with a service taking place; the first time I had been inside whilst a service was taking place and it meant we were not able to see everything.  Whilst I was there the seemed to be in either German or in the Alsatian dialect of German.(Which here is described as a form of German Swiss)

The next picture is the first appearance of the moon, taken in the German quarter of the city on the Place de la Republique looking down the Avenue de la Liberté towards the university.  At this point it looked no bigger than the glow from the streetlights  or traffic lights either lining or in the centre of the avenue.

The next picture doesn’t feature the moon but does show the Eglise St Paul (E wiki, F wiki)  Following the French link will show a picture of the church at night where it is all lit-up.  Because there is restoration work taking place and some of it is covered in scafolding I imagine is why it is not lit-up at the moment. The last picture from out trip was taken at the scene of a previous post, Place Homme de Fer again showing the moon, although as I have no other pictures of the moon taken at this site I am not able to show whether it was particularly big or not.

The final picture was taken a few days ago on my phone.  If you had a brand called Japan Rags, although why anyone would think that was a good name for a brand is beyond me, after recent events is now a good time to be having a poster campaign?

You didn’t expect me to miss out on a chance to feature a video of the fabulous Bunnymen did you?  As trailed at the start, here it is:

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