Strasbourg Banksy?

I don’t know what it is about the mouse for an iMac but it eats batteries.  I have never before known anything which consumed batteries so quickly.  After the low battery warning having been displayed for a time the mouse (or should that be iMouse?) batteries died this afternoon.  On my way out I spotted something I hadn’t seen before on the wall of my local florists.  It’s not like the area where I live is drab and colourless, after all the nearest tram stop is the one for the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Then there is the local bar, just around the corner in the appropriately named Rue de Barr which is adorned with pictures of men and women in Alsatian dress (pictured above) and just one block further away is our local Cave ‘le Vinophile’ for the all important stocks of the fermented grape.  Those I know about and had become part of the local scenery, so much so that they are hardly noticed anymore.

As I said above the discovery was on the wall of the local florist pictured.  What I want to know is; was this done by someone locally who is influenced by Banksy or was the man himself in Strasbourg?

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3 Responses to “Strasbourg Banksy?”

  1. Eva Says:

    Hello! Found your blog on the expat website. I’ve recently noticed more art like this too. It’s hard to say if it’s Banksy, but I think it’s more like someone who’s been influenced by Banksy’s works. Have you been around la Petit France recently? There is a great one there near les Ponts Couverts of a black and white girl who looks to be coloring what appears to be a spray paint tag. I have a picture of it here if you’re interested:


    • theflashingblade Says:

      Eva thank for that. You might want to watch the blog later as there may be an update featuring you and your discovery.

  2. Banksy or not II and an interesting local outdoor artist. « The Flashing Blade Says:

    […] days ago I wrote a piece about some street art that had appeared near where I live in Strasbourg featuring the picture on […]

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