Spring has sprung!

One of the good things about living in Strasbourg is that there are clear seasons.  As I posted here only a couple of months ago we were under the snow for what seemed like weeks.  The winter is dark and cold.  People I know are tired, succumbing to illnesses and generally worn out.  Last weekend was the Strasbourg carnaval which aimed to drive out the Winter.

As the pictures from the carnaval show the day was beautiful and sunny.  The weather has continued in the same vein since and it seems as if Spring is upon us all at once.  Where there were just bare branches there is the start of colour.  The first picture taken on the way back from some work this morning whilst waiting for a bus in Robertsau shows some yellow shrubs on the side of the footpath and in the distance a tree with pink blossom.

One of my favourite places when the sun is shining is Esplanade.  It was somewhere I spent quite a lot of time the Autumn I first arrived and I didn’t come to appreciate the wonders of the angularity of the buildings, the whiteness against the blue of the sky and the colours closer to the ground. This second picture is from Esplanade with the yellow and pink blossom on the amorphous shaped trees against the white blocks of the buildings and the blue of the sky reflected in the darker blue at the ground floor of the building on the left, and where it’s in the sun the blue is almost singing.

The avenue through the centre of Esplanade is something of a living gallery of sculpture designed by the artist J M Krauth as part of the artistic decorations along what was then tram line B but is now C and E.  Each piece is mounted on a coloured bench and you see in the picture above the contrast between the blue and yellow benches, the warm brown of the artwork, the pink blossom further on and the white of the buildings and the blue of the sky.  The line of trees on the right in the middle of the avenue mark the separation between the tramway, which is in the middle of the road, and the road.

The picture above shows other trees coming into pink blossom and further trees lining the road showing where they have ben pollarded and there has been further growth last year.  The staff from the council’s green spaces department, I do think that’s so much better than the Parks Department, were at the top of the road pollarding other trees so it won’t be long before  these have been trimmed before their Spring growth starts and when in leaf they offer wonderful shade along the street in the Summer.

The last picture is from closer to home, just about 200 metres away.  This tree is the first locally to flower and it lifts the heart as you pass it on the tram in the morning, especially like today against a blue sky with the sun shining, although as this was taken this evening its a bit darker!

The title comes from what I thought was a Spike Milligan poem but thanks to the wonders of the internet I discover is an anonymous American poem to be delivered in a New Jersey accent:

Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonder where the boidies is

The boids is on the wing!
Don’t be absoid!
Da wings is on the boid!

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2 Responses to “Spring has sprung!”

  1. bluemoon1982 Says:

    The power of beautiful outdoor spaces and the sunny spring weather is often under-estimated. Your article really captures the energy of nature waking up from its winter slumber. Long may the pleasant weather continue, in your part of the world as well as mine.

    • theflashingblade Says:

      Nathan. Thank you I just tried to reflect the impact on me of the sun and spring after a long Winter. I share your wish for the pleasant weather to continue where we both are.

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