Caption competition II (Luvvie edition)

After the great response to yesterdays caption competition here’s another one from the recent stay in London.  Get thinking and commenting. The picture was taken in a churchyard in Covent Garden that JTO and I discovered on our last full day in London.  I had seen the front of the building, it is generally the place where the street entertainers perform in front of, the columns and roof extending in front of the building providing a very good stage or backdrop.  We were on our way back to our hotel when JTO saw what looked like a little garden.  We walked into it and there was a fountain facing you and this wonderful head was on the rear side of the chute the water came out of.  Walking around the side of the building we came to a wonderful garden, an oasis of green and calm which we saw was the garden of the actors’ church, St Paul’s, one of the entrances can be seen in the photo above.  Built by Inigo Jones in 1633 the inside of the church is quite plain and spartan in comparison with the Orthodox or Catholic churches which were the last ones I visited on my trip to Cyprus. I also liked the large unstained windows which let in a lot of natural light which was a pleasant contrast with the darker insides I had seen on other churches.  At the back of church were a number of plaques commemorating the lives of a number of actors, writers, songwriters etc including a number I recognised; Margaret Rutherford, Boris Karloff, Ivor Novello, Richard Beckinsale, Vivien Leigh, Laurence Harvey and Hattie Jacques.

There weren’t many plaques along the side wall of the church but I took the photo on the right of three there were, including a reflection of one of the wonderfully simple windows.  As you can see these three plaques commemorating Sir Terrence Rattigan, a number of whose plays I saw advertised whilst in London no doubt as a result of it being the 100th anniversary of his birth, Sir Noël Coward and Sir Charles Chaplin. No doubt getting a special place because they were all  knighted by the Queen.

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