La rentrée II

As I hinted at yesterday there is a large element of people in France doing the same thing at the same time. People go away for their holiday at the beginning of July or the beginning of August. Like all generalisations it is not totally true but there is enough there for it to show a large part of reality. In terms of holidays and others. The beginning of July is still called the “grand depart” (the “big leave”) and there are reports on the TV of the traffic problems heading for the beaches at the beginning of July, the problems of people returning home and others leaving at the end of July/beginning of August and then the return at the end of August. People all go running at 7:30 in the morning, unless it is a holiday when everyone seems to go for a run at 10:30.

As I said yesterday, we are now in la rentrée and there are so many events taking place across Strasbourg to celebrate the return, Bilbliothèques idéales 2011, Les Terres à l’envers, 4ème édition du Festival européen du film fantastique, Projection du documentaire “La leçon de cathédrale”, and Le Village culturel 2011 all taking place. There are a number of events organised in the area where I live but yesterday I went to Cité Spach (and here)where the road had been closed, as can be seen from the picture at the top. People had come for a picnic but some people had bought food and were providing it for other local people, as seen with the couple providing the barbeque. There were also pictures taken by a local photographer of the area and local people, including one of a local, Elisabeth, at the Place D’Islande tram stop she is showing JTO above. Elisabeth is the person who we can thank for the invite to the event is active in the Anglican church in Strasbourg and local members of the congregation can be seen in the picture above. There were other things happening, other picture displays, other people providing food and, as we left, a band playing music, middle eastern or klezmer or similar music. I felt welcome in a part of the city I did not know before and saw local people enjoying eating, drinking and listening to music i their street with their neighbours. I was just left to think where else do I know where there would be such social solidarity between neighbours?

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