Vote tôt, vote fréquemment

As everyone reading this will already know, voting in the first round for the election to select the presidential candidate for the Parti Socialiste has taken place today. As a result of confusion over who is eligible to take part in the voting I went along to see if I could vote. The message from my PS Député had said that the bureau de vote was at my usual polling station, the Ecole Louise Scheppler. The first photo was taken outside showing that it was set up just like it normally is when in use as a polling station. I went inside to register and to collect my vote at the first table inside the door. I had to show give them something to prove my identity, you can see my pink French driving license in front of the polling station staff, as well as the voting slips for the different candidates; Jean-Michel Baylet, Martine Aubry, Manuel Valls, Francois Hollande, Arnaud Montebourg and Segolene Royal. The box is for your donation of €1 and next to it is the envelope in which you put the slip with the name of your choice of presidential candidate. My name was not on the electoral list so I had to fill out my details on a separate piece of paper and sign it, pay my €1, take an envelope and at least two slips, I got told off for only taking the one of the candidate I wanted to vote for, and go into the polling booth behind the curtain on the left. I put the slip with the name of my choice into the envelope, putting the other I had had to pick up into the bin provided, and went to the second table with the clear ballot box on it. I again had to show my driving license and was about to fill in another piece of paper when I was asked if I was a French citizen, to which the answer was no. The man in charge of the polling station then had to phone for advice on whether I could vote and the answer came back that I could not. So, sorry Martine you lost a vote today. I will be surprised if there is a clear winner with more than 50% of the vote today so there will be a vote-off between the two candidates who get the highest votes today and it will be interesting to see how the votes of the candidates are then distributed. After my bit of fun last week with a vote on my biscuit eating prowess, I want to have a more serious election. If you had a vote, how would you cast it? As the title says, vote early and vote often.(Although again I have set this up so you can only vote once.)

UPDATE: At 23:35 there has just been an announcement from the Headquarters of the Parti Socialiste. Around 2.5 million French people voted in the primary which is more than double what was expected. As a result the computers have crashed and a definitive result will not be available until late tomorrow morning, around midday. The announcement claimed that around half the votes had been counted. A 24 hour news channel at the same time was saying that on 1.9 million votes counted the estimated results were:

  • Francois Hollande                        38.9%,
  • Martine Aubry                               30.6%,
  • Arnaud Montebourg                     17.3%,
  • Segolene Royal                                 6.8%
  • Manuel Valls                                     5.7%
  • Jean-Michel Baylet                          0.6%

All the candidates have given their speech to the people of France with Manuel Valls being the only one to declare their hand and call upon his voters to support Francois Hollande, who gave a speech which, deliberately or not, aped Mitterrand. X-Factor Versione PS France continues for another week.

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3 Responses to “Vote tôt, vote fréquemment”

  1. Alison Says:

    Why are you charged a euro and did you get it back?

    • theflashingblade Says:

      Everyone is asked to contribute a Euro as a sign that they support the aims and principles of the Parti Socialiste, after all it is the primary to chose the PS candidate for the presidential elections. It would have gone some way to help towards the cost of holding the primary as more than 2.6 million people voted! I didn’t get it back but treated it as a donation.

  2. Alison Says:

    Interesting. Thanks.

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