The Lush Liars or a tale of Jew haters and soap

When I lived in Reading JTO attended the opening of the new Lush shop in an official capacity. I was really pleased at the discovery of it and have been a patron of it up to now. In particular I have showered every morning (Sorry Norm) in Happy Hippy gel and liked the vestful (Obviously that should zestful) wake-up it gave me. Until today. Today I finished the last bottle and will not be using it again. I have some soap and a face wash left and they will not be replaced when finished either.

Why not if these products give me pleasure? This article from August. It said that Lush will not open a store in Israel because they:

“don’t feel [Israel] is a safe environment to have a store. Would we want a shop where we couldn’t have a mix? We have a multicultural attitude to everything we do; we want everyone in the country where we are trading to be on an equal footing as far as basic human rights go.”

Israel has anti discrimination legislation covering employment and the provision of services  which cover race, religion, nationality, land of origin, sex, sexual orientation, political views, personal status or parenthood. So it would seem the reason they give is false. No doubt Lush use this same reason given above to not trade in a large number of countries in the world. Oh look (I’m not going to do them a favour of a link to their website) Lush trades in Saudi-Arabia where women cannot drive, don’t think about being gay and you are barred from the country if you are Israeli. As Harry’s Place points out, “discrimination is both legislatively and culturally enforced.” The company trade in other countries where they have “a shop where we couldn’t have a mix”

So why has Lush picked on Israel? Any other answer from them comes there none. In the absence of any justification for this ban on shops in Israel it seems like a straightforward case of antisemitism. So, as long as Lush behave like this they will not get my Euros. You would have thought soap manufacturers would have been a bit more sensitive towards hatred of the only Jewish state.

NB Following the comment below the words in red were added 21:33 13.10.11

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One Response to “The Lush Liars or a tale of Jew haters and soap”

  1. janestheone Says:

    “vestfully”? but absolutely right, me, I’m going over to soaps

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