The last few days have been spent in a beachside suburb of Adelaide, Glenelg. One of three palindromic places, I am told, in Australia. From the beach, walking inland, you pass a memorial to the 150th anniversary of the settling of the place before coming upon Moseley Square which has bars, cafes and fast food outlets around a pedestrian square with tables and chairs under palm trees. The square is also the terminus of the tram which runs through Adelaide to the Entertainment Centre. The tram runs from the square along the main drag of Glenelg, Jetty Road, where there are all sorts of shops, retaurants, chemists, banks and other services like hairdressers and barbers.
I’ve had a restive few days staying at a motel, swimming, resting in the un and seeing some of the sights. I spent the palindromic day, 11/11/11, at the palindromic place and, having been told that remembrance day is not celebrated here – ANZAC Day being the more important rememberance I was pleased to read of a remembrance service locally. I went to Brighton School where the Australian Army formed an honour guard before the poem, ‘at the going down of the sun, they shall not grow old…’, the Australian anthem was played and then 102,000 poppies, one for every Australian serviceman killed, were released from a helicopter overhead. A simple but moving ceremony of remembrance which was different in being held in warm sunlight.
I have now left the palindromes behnd and have headed south on a journey to Melbourne which includes going along the Great Ocean Road, alongside the ocean, which was built by soldiers returning from the first World War and to provide employmemt for them.

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    […] Last year I had started rehearsals of Oh What A Lovely War where I played an ordinary soldier in the First World War. In November I was in Australia and attended a Remembrance Day Service in Adelaide as I posted here. […]

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