Reaching the ocean




We left the backpackers and set off for a walk. It started through fields full of kangaroos then into woods where it was possible to see where the kangaroos had been, as under the trees was like a well mown lawn. As we started to get higher the evidence of kangaroos finished. We had been advised there was no need for water or anything like that as we would be out for about forty minutes but after a while walking it was agreed to go on to Boronia Peak so we ended up being out for a couple of hours and walking eight to ten kilometres up to the peak and back with more difficult terrain the closer yoy got to the top.
When we got back to the bottom we were meant to go to a cultural centre to learn about the area and the Aborinial myths of the area, but it was closed. We went to the cafe at the information centre attached but I had left my wallet behind as not necessary. I did manage to scrape together the money for a couple of coffees from my loose change which was good as we were parched. The bus was brought round which was good as I was knackered. We then had a couple of hours drive to the coast. It was good that we got a chance to get our feet in the water.
We stopped for lunch at Tower Reserve, a former volcano which had been cleared and farmed but had been returned to its original state and is now a nature reserve where we saw Koalas and had Emus try to behave as badly as the one who appeared with Rod Hull.
We left and headed to the ocean where we saw a number of sites that had been caused by errosion of the sandstone, like London Bridge, the Twelve Apostles etc.
We went to our accommodation for the night to drop off our stuff before going on to the pub, the Thirteenth Apostle, where we would eat. Some got back in the bus to see the sunset on the coast but it was so overcast there was no sunset to see. In fact whilst they were out the skies opened. We then played group building games before going to bed and sleeping soundly.

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