Christopher Hitchens RIP

I came late to Christopher Hitchens and have not read greatly of his writings but I have come to appreciate greatly his clarity of thought, his wit and his willingness to debate his view with others. I share with him a hostility to religion and totalitarianism. It is often said and not very often true but the World is a worse place for his passing. A light that pierced the darkness has gone out and we are all the worse that there will not be another article, book or public appearance from the Hitch. RIP.

Here is, typically a much more eloquent remembrance from Norm. Read it. Here’s is the tribute from his brother.

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2 Responses to “Christopher Hitchens RIP”

  1. janestheone Says:

    Nice post. Most of them (including me) went on WAY too long, yours is short and to the point.

  2. Adrian Lawson Says:

    I religiously read everything he wrote

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